LEGO® Avengers Tower


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  • Model:76269
  • Theme:
  • Released:2023
  • Availability:LEGO exclusive
  • Pieces:5206
  • Building Time (estimated):14-17 hours

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Price Guide

  • Official Price:499,99
  • Avg. Trading-Price:494,91
  • EOL-Forecast Value:1.150,00
  • Value Development:-1%
  • per Brick:0,10


Alternate Builds

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About LEGO® Avengers Tower

The LEGO®-Set “76269: LEGO® Avengers Tower” contains of 5206 pieces and weighs 0 grams. Building time of this Set is 14-17 hours. It was released this year. The Set belongs to the Marvel Super Heroes Theme. The official price in Europe is € 499,99. The price per brick is € 0,10. We recommend a price of € 364,42 for the entire, new Set. If you decide to sell it completely and sealed, you get approximately € 494,91.

Recommended age for this Set is at least 18 years: It’s an ambitious Set and more designed to target adults. You may want to open the gallery with the 15 images. We have 6 manuals available for download. Related Tags: Avengers; New York; Roxxon; Bird; Brick Lettering; Fire Hydrant; Bench; Marvel Studios The Multiverse Saga; Guble Bubble; Dumpster; Marvel Studios The Infinity Saga; Hot Dog Bun; Medical; Magic Portal; Glider; Vibranium; Vita Rush; S.H.I.E.L.D.; Brick Built Figure; Comic; Lightning; Anniversary Set; Landing Pad; Portal; Satellite; Robot; Marvel Avengers; Disney Plus; Modular Building; J.A.R.V.I.S.; Bigfig; Space Stone; Nanofig; Iron Man Mark-7; Arnim Zola; The Winter Soldier; Chitauri Chariot; Tv; Mcu Phase 4; Arc Reactor; Leviathan; Mcu Phase 3; Mystic Arts; Tesseract; Battle Of New York; Baked Goods; Avengers Films; Time Machine; Mcu Multiverse; Iron Man Mark 49 Rescue; Hydra; Vending Machine; Loki’s Scepter; Monument; Hot Dog; Blueprint; Marvel Cinematic Universe; Mjolnir; Infinity Stone; The Avengers Film; Aliens; City; Captain America Films; Magic; Pym Tech; Drone; Science; Office; Mcu Phase 1; Ultron Bot; Bar Counter; USA; Endgame; Jet Aircraft; Lamppost; Aircraft; Baseplate; Workshop; Mcu Phase 2; Iron Man Mark 6; Avengers Tower; Furniture; Jail; Chitauri Army; Display Stand; Dum-E; Lab; Hawkeye Series; Avengers Themed Transport; Avengers Age Of Ultron; Loki Series; Stark Industries; Redwing; Nanotechnology; Black Friday; Quinjet; Reception Desk