2021/12/06: optimized mobile header which is now less higher

    2021/12/05: fixed total amount of brick pieces in user collection

    2021/11/22: Due to christmas season, mybricks had troubles with server performance. i optimized the database. If you still have problems, drop me a message please

    2021/11/01: updated search logic: look for german search terms if you find no results on english pages

    2021/08/16: fixed a bug where average trading price were missing

    2021/04/26: we now support special items like the coins or patches.

    2021/04/20: introducing common private sales worldwide in euro in sets where the data is available. With trendline. Example.

    2021/03/26: introducing EOL-SCORE. Now you can sort by that new parameter in tags and themes

    2021/03/24: adjusted recommended price for sets and printing EOL-Forecast for every set