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Review: 41449 Andrea's Family House

Since the Friends theme launched in 2012, each of the Friends has had a set dedicated to their home. We started with 3315 Olivia's House…

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New designer BrickLists

As you may know our BrickLists feature is used by many LEGO set designers to record the sets they've worked on and to provide interesting…

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Which set contains the most stickers, relative to its size?

Following our previous article that discussed sets containing the most stickers outright, now our interest moves to products that include the most stickers relative to…

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Scala's legacy

If you've been reading the articles about Scala sets that we've been publishing recently you could be excused for thinking that they consisted of nothing…

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Vote for a set to celebrate LEGO's 90th Anniversary

To celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the LEGO company, the Ideas team wants us to choose a classic theme to be reimagined as a single…

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Brick Train Awards 2021

The Brick Train Awards are taking place again this year. Here's all you need to know: Brick Train Awards 2021 - global awards for LEGO…

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2021/01/07: improved csv upload/import

2021/01/05: new amazing feature: flags / categories / labels

2020/12/16: extended set gallery functions with thumbnails

2020/12/10: handy sorting feature: sort results by pieces / year / name

2020/12/01: fixed pagination in GWP and EOL section; added comfort user login

2020/11/24: new GWP section on homepage

2020/11/24: new remove certain entries from your value archive ! + familiar date-format for USD-users

2020/11/23: updated csv import to work with brickset

2020/11/23: fixed Coming soon section and search not finding new sets and showing sets of upcoming year too

2020/10/07: fixes in user sets archive table: values sorted correctly, scrollbar now draggable

2020/07/29: new big feature: track your values over time

2020/07/27: optimized frontend code – more semantic and reader friendly

2020/07/20: optimized user registration code / country selection

2020/07/17: optimized import code – brickset import should work like a charm now – especially if you have many sets of one item