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A/S Norske LEGIO - Norway's First LEGO

Here's an article about a fascinating aspect of LEGO's early history, written by the world's leading authority, Gary Istok: LEGO bricks were first sold in…

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Building Community: UNLEASH

A new series here at Brickset is Building Community, where we highlight members of the LEGO community taking time to share their love of LEGO…

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Review: 75288 AT-AT

Countless impressive vehicles were introduced during Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, including the monumental AT-AT. Several renditions of the memorable walker have…

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Argos sale continues

The Argos toy sale, which includes dozens of LEGO sets discounted by 33% or more, continues until Tuesday. After several years of absence, Argos is…

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Micro-Scale Landscaping

LEGO bricks tend to be pretty square. Nature…not so much. This reality coupled with the challenges of building at micro-scale can make designing landscapes challenging.…

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New Series: Building Community

This year has been challenging for many of us. Part of Brickset's response to the pandemic has been to run some extra article series, such…

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2020/07/29: new big feature: track your values over time

2020/07/27: optimized frontend code – more semantic and reader friendly

2020/07/20: optimized user registration code / country selection

2020/07/17: optimized import code – brickset import should work like a charm now – especially if you have many sets of one item