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'Useful' Castle Sets

Just before things get hectic in December there's just time to publish this interesting article written by Davee123: As soon as it was released, I…

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Our Advent Countdown begins tomorrow!

December commences tomorrow, so our popular annual Advent Countdown is returning! Five Advent Calendars have been released this year and our articles about their contents…

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LEGO has designed a set that can't be taken apart

Traditionally, LEGO sets are designed to be assembled and, should you wish, taken apart to allow you to use the pieces for your own creations.…

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Singapore Skyline revealed!

The newest Architecture Skyline set has been announced on Twitter, depicting Singapore! Several iconic buildings from the city comprise the model, including the Marina Bay…

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LEGO Harry Potter Trivia Challenge #2

LEGO Harry Potter is celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year, including multiple golden minifigures and collectable Wizard Cards across several commemorative sets. We have therefore…

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Comparing Yoda and Luke's lightsabers

40483 Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber establishes the Lightsaber Collection, succeeding 6346098 Yoda's Lightsaber which was available last year alongside 75290 Mos Eisley Cantina. Both lightsabers share…

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2021/11/22: Due to christmas season, mybricks had troubles with server performance. i optimized the database. If you still have problems, drop me a message please

2021/11/01: updated search logic: look for german search terms if you find no results on english pages

2021/08/16: fixed a bug where average trading price were missing

2021/04/26: we now support special items like the coins or patches.

2021/04/20: introducing common private sales worldwide in euro in sets where the data is available. With trendline. Example.

2021/03/26: introducing EOL-SCORE. Now you can sort by that new parameter in tags and themes

2021/03/24: adjusted recommended price for sets and printing EOL-Forecast for every set

2021/03/12: adding sets to a collection is now much faster

2021/03/12: changed add a set to collection method

2021/03/09: fixed a bug with modal windows (popups) after calculation

2021/03/01: improved multiple set count handling, user calculation method & introducing “Fast Calculation”

2021/02/26: updated EOL algorithm. It’s more reliable now

2021/02/23: click a price in the price guide table and it gets copied into your clipboard!

2021/02/22: added Great Britain Pound and Canadian Dollar as supported currencies

2021/02/10: new killer feature: scan boxes with your smartphone!