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1989 Batmobile
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Steamboat Willie
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Slave I – 20th Anniversary Edition
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Hogwarts Clock Tower
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Monkey King
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Elite Police Boat Transport
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Elite Police Lighthouse Capture
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Elite Police Driller Chase
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Callous thieves target Fairy Bricks charity

Fairy Bricks, the charity that donates LEGO to children in hospitals in the UK and beyond, suffered a devastating blow over the weekend when thieves…

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LEGO teases something...

LEGO has posted a teaser on social media which itself does not reveal much but if you manipulate the image you can see an outline…

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An introduction to micro-scale

Following his series of articles on designing Architecture-style skylines, Benbuildslego discusses techniques for building at micro-scale: It is always awe-inspiring to see humongous LEGO builds,…

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[UK/EU] Double VIP points at

From today until the 19th, those of us in the UK and Europe can enjoy double VIP points at on all purchases. 40411 Creative…

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Storage solutions: Anomaly24

Doug, aka Anomaly24, shows us around his LEGO room with a unique feature: My LEGO journey started around the age of 3, admittedly, a little…

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The Blocks Museum

It seems like a lifetime ago, but back in March when life was normal, Huw and his wife Maria travelled to New Zealand to start…

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