3404.00 g 58.20 cm 48.00 cm 12.40 cm

LEGO® Sanctum Sanctorum

The LEGO® set “76218: Sanctum Sanctorum” contains of 2708 pieces and has 9 minifigures and weighs 3.404 grams. Building time of this set is 7 – 8 hours. …read more

  • Licensed Model

Price Guide

  • Official Price: 249.99
  • Per Brick: 0.09
  • Per Gram: 0.07
  • Recommended Price: 189.56
  • Avg. Trading-Price: 170.46
  • Avg. Trading-Price used: 170.84
  • Part-Out Value: 540.00
  • Part-Out Ratio: 2
  • EOL-Forecast Value: 420.00
  • Storage-Value per m3: 7,220.00
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Shops in Germany

  1. MediaMarkt: 184.99-26 %
  2. Saturn: 184.99-26 %
  3. Proshop: 193.99-22 %
  4. Amazon.de: 194.99-22 %
  5. Alternate: 199.90-20 %
  6. Smyths Toys: 199.99-20 %
  7. Toys for Fun: 199.99-20 %
  8. myToys: 202.94-19 %
  9. Galeria: 209.99-16 %
  10. JACOB Elektronik: 211.81-15 %
  11. Computeruniverse: 217.85-13 %
  12. OTTO: 223.74-11 %
  13. JACOB Computer: 224.10-10 %
  14. digitalo: 229.99-8 %
  15. smdv.de: 229.99-8 %
  16. voelkner: 229.99-8 %
  17. Steinchenwelt: 236.06-6 %
  18. LEGO DE: 249.99

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  • Best price recorded:
  • 10.09.2022, Toys for Fun 174.99

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About LEGO® Sanctum Sanctorum

The LEGO® set “76218: Sanctum Sanctorum” contains of 2708 pieces and has 9 minifigures and weighs 3.404 grams. Building time of this set is 7 – 8 hours. Its package dimensions are 48.00 cm width, 58.20 cm height and 12.40 cm depth. It was released in this year. The item belongs to the LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes theme and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness theme. The official price in Europe is 249.99 €. “Sanctum Sanctorum” is available via “Retail”. You can also get it via Amazon Europe starting at 194.99. The price per brick is 0.09. If you are going to sell the parts of “Sanctum Sanctorum” separately, you could earn 540.00. If you decide to sell this “Marvel Super Heroes” set completely and sealed, you get approximately 170.46. The expected end of life price is starting at 420.00 €. Recommended age for this set is at least 18 years. You may want to open the gallery with the 16 images. We archived 11 building instructions of 76218. Related tags: Dead Strange, Doctor Strange, Ebony Maw, Iron Man, Karl Mordo, Scarlet Witch, Sinister Strange, Spider-Man, Wong, 18 Plus, Avengers, Brick Built Tree, Dumpster, Fire Hydrant, Furniture, Gargantos, Infinity War, Lamppost, Magic, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Modular Building, Mystic Arts, New York, Pizza, Portal, Ten Rings.

This LEGO set is based on the Doctor Strange movie, and it is amazing! The set contains a whopping 2708 pieces, which is more than enough to build the three-story Sanctum Sanctorum. The set also comes with six minifigures: Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch, Brother Voodoo, Night Nurse, Iron Fist, and Ebony Maw.

The first thing I noticed about this set was the amazing attention to detail. The set perfectly recreates the Sanctum Sanctorum from the movie, and it even comes with a working portal and a lamppost. The build itself is incredibly complex, and it took me several hours to complete.

The finished product is absolutely stunning, and it’s easily one of the best LEGO sets I’ve ever built. The set is also a lot of fun to play with, and it’s perfect for displaying on your shelf. If you’re a fan of Doctor Strange or Marvel movies in general, then you need to get this set. It’s simply amazing!

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