2023/06/01: general maintenance – new mybricks site coming this year – be excited!

2023/01/24: allow to add sets with price of “0”. This was requested for GWP-Sets.

2023/01/23: changed one set data table attribute to “Box Dimensions…”.

2023/01/10: fixed a bug in user collection calculation where some sets occasionally did not receive any values

2023/01/04: updated database set entries with current EAN-Codes to improve shopping experience

2023/01/04: fixed a bug in best price calculation and dropped one retailer

2022/09/21: improved set handling: if you add sold-price, transition to sales list is smoother. and now you can add “0” to a sold set, to get it back to the regular collection in case you accidentally moved it to sales !

2022/08/23: improved login mechanism especially when you set the language switcher previously to german

2022/08/22: new feature: part-out-value ratio! Now it’s easier to find sets with their relative part out value. Example

2022/08/18: added savings from official lego shop in price comparison

2022/08/12: fixed a bug in price comparison of product shop list and added two new vendors

2022/08/02: added new set calculation option: exclude unknown sets. In case sets are new and there is no market price available yet but you inserted a purchase price, it would influence your overall balance. With this option you can exclude these specific cases from calculation.

2022/08/02: fixed a minor bug where import of backup sets displayed a wrong set count

2022/07/21: fixed a bug in set calculation where all sets where dropped – sorry guys! Write me a message to restore your sets in case you had that problem too.

2022/07/13: get accurate foreign currency rates every day (usd, gbp, cad)

2022/07/12: “set collection calculation” update from 2022/05 had a major bug which was fixed today. sorry!

2022/06/27: updated logic of coming soon section on front page

2022/06/23: inserted a nice feature for large user collections: when you leave the calculation progress in the background, the tab title gets constantly updated

2022/06/23: fixed a bug, where set collection values where not saved in the archive – edge case improvement where no paid price was given.

2022/06/17: fixed a bug, where set collection values where not saved in the archive!

2022/06: we now support subsets and therefore collectable minifigures like The Muppets!

2022/05: set collection calculation is now more stable and faster! But it now throttles down for one run every 5 minutes.

2022/05: collection importer is more solid and supports more formats

2022/04/17: fixed a bug within promo code producing empty frontpage. Fixed translation in promo banner. Added new Volvo GWP.

2022/04/04: added avg. trading price used to set view. Added weight + minifigures and trading-price to result filter

2022/03/28: the collection import function now supports automatic setname (in en or de) and pieces completion

2022/03/04: fixed home theme links redirecting from EN to DE pages. Improved the logic of related sets in the view of one set

2022/03/04: fixed a super stupid bug where all tag searches returned the same results. now you can search for tags again like porsche

2022/03/01: fixed a nasty calculation error in each user collection

2022/03/01: promoting LEGO special gifts in each set view

2022/02/24: the set filter is now available on individual searches like “star wars pieces descending

2022/02/24: you can now change the condition of one set in your collection

2022/02/07: fixed a calculation error of the set property “value growth” which i used in the set filter

2022/02/01: fixed a bug in user set archive – a new entry was created each time a user visited his collection

2022/01/25: fixed a bug in set collection calculation balance result rounding

2022/01/25: fixed a bug in set collection calculation when now desired currency was chosen

2022/01/20: sort your collection additionally by number or balance

2021/12/06: optimized mobile header which is now less higher

2021/12/05: fixed total amount of brick pieces in user collection

2021/11/22: Due to christmas season, mybricks had troubles with server performance. i optimized the database. If you still have problems, drop me a message please

2021/11/01: updated search logic: look for german search terms if you find no results on english pages

2021/08/16: fixed a bug where average trading price were missing

2021/04/26: we now support special items like the coins or patches.

2021/04/20: introducing common private sales worldwide in euro in sets where the data is available. With trendline. Example.

2021/03/26: introducing EOL-SCORE. Now you can sort by that new parameter in tags and themes

2021/03/24: adjusted recommended price for sets and printing EOL-Forecast for every set