2024/06/12: added more theme tiles to theme archive page

2024/05/29: there is a new form to submit missing sets to database

2024/03/25: general maintenance of the whole system and fixed a bug when uploading/importing collections

2024/02/05: new: now you can register and login with “Discord” and “GitHub”.

2024/01/16: fixed a bug in set detail pages where only two images exist but you can not browse to the 2nd image

2024/01/13: improved collection export: fixed a bug in condition nicename column and added column “official price”. Selected currency is taking into account. And set export order of items by date added.

2024/01/10: improved search functionality. now you can search for complex terms like “LEGO® 41757” or “LEGO® Botanical Garden”

2024/01/10: fixed some sets which showed up in EOL-sets page (they are not EOL)

2024/01/07: fixed a bug in user registration when using social media accounts

2023/11/21: the search field in your collection now also accepts multiple model-codes like this:

2023/11/21: new bottom row in collections table to show totals of filtered items only. This is very handy if you want to know the core total values of a bunch of entries. Only shows value, balance, pieces, minifigure-count and weight for now

2023/01/24: allow to add sets with price of “0”. This was requested for GWP-Sets.

2023/01/23: changed one set data table attribute to “Box Dimensions…”.

2023/01/10: fixed a bug in user collection calculation where some sets occasionally did not receive any values