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September offers from Minifigure Maddness

Conor at Minifigure Maddness writes: "This month we are offering Brickset readers a number of excellent offers: Vidiyo 43108 Bandmates Minifigures Series 2, 2 boxes…



Blocks issue 84 out now

Here's information about the latest issue of Blocks Magazine: Blocks magazine Issue 84 gets LEGO makeover advice from Matthew Ashton and Bobby Berk in an…



LEGO Masters: Interview with the Season 2 winners!

After twelve episodes, countless amazing builds, and a 24 hour long final build, Season 2 of LEGO Masters US has drawn to a close. If…



LEGO confirms price adjustments in Western Europe [Updated]

German LEGO fans might be aware of rumours concerning imminent price increases, intended to standardise prices across Western European Eurozone countries. Unfortunately, those changes have…



Review: 76145 Eternals' Aerial Assault

Deviants are available throughout the Eternals range, varying significantly in their appearance. 76145 Eternals' Aerial Assault includes an avian example, featuring impressive wings alongside the…



LEGO Masters: Interview with the second place team

In today's LEGO Masters article, we talk with the second place team. If you haven't watched the episode yet, by no means click the link…


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2021/04/20: introducing common private sales worldwide in euro in sets where the data is available. With trendline. Example.

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2021/03/24: adjusted recommended price for sets and printing EOL-Forecast for every set

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2021/03/12: changed add a set to collection method

2021/03/09: fixed a bug with modal windows (popups) after calculation

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2021/02/23: click a price in the price guide table and it gets copied into your clipboard!

2021/02/22: added Great Britain Pound and Canadian Dollar as supported currencies

2021/02/10: new killer feature: scan boxes with your smartphone!