Working with Flags / Categories / Labels

If you have a lot of sets your collection will be a mess. Therefore i created a feature which works like categories. You can flag each set in your collection with four labels:

Each label has it’s unique color and can be renamed to your needs. In my case i use the first, green label for a “storage” flag. Meaning i am storing that set in my self storage. This is just an example! You can use them like you want. And you can enable all four flags for each set. Need more examples? How about this:

  • use flags to have more sub categories for set conditions
  • use a flag to identify where minifigures are missing
  • use a flag as whishlist
  • use a flag as unsaleable
  • use flags to identify sets you are going to sell
  • use flag to mark sets where minifigures are missing
  • use flags to mark sets you get through “VIP Points” or as a “Freebie”
  • use flags to assign your retailers like “Amazon”, “Ebay” or “Lego:

You can use this function across the other lists too (sales, watchlist)!

Wonder where you can rename the labels? You find it in your list settings in the sidebar:

Once you flagged some of your sets, you can even filter by them! Use the search and filter form on top right of your collection. You can even combine both filter methods like:

In my case i have the Boba Fett two times. One is at home and on is in my self storage – good to know isn’t it?

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