What is MyBricks.net?

MyBricks.net collects and gathers set data from many popular databases like ebay, LEGO, Amazon and merge them to one database. This way our database might be the most complete database of all available sites out there.

MyBricks.net focuses on whole sets only. At the moment minifigures are not support yet but there are plans to integrate them in the near future. Let me know if you really need this – feedback is appreciated!

MyBricks.net uses the collected data of each set to combine with each other to a more user friendly and understandable value like the EOL-Score, EOL-Forecast-Value or Recommended Price. These values are calculated by artificial intelligence and should help you to identify which set is more valuable than others.

MyBricks.net targets collectors who rather like to store sealed sets in perfect condition instead of building them. This way the value of the set will grow significantly. But of course every user is welcome!! To identify which set is valuable and which not, the calculated data of EOL-Score and Forecast should assist you.

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