Scanning a LEGO® Box

By default you can use the search input field to type in a set number or name. This is the traditional way of finding set details.

But as a registered user, you can use the button next to the “search” button with the camera icon. If you tap on it, your smartphone camera gets activated.

Tap the camera symbol
Capture a picture of the packaging including the number

Now you simply capture a photo of your LEGO® Box and upload the image. MyBricks will analyze the image and extract the set number for you! This should save you time as it is much more comfortable. In this case this would be the result:

Take care you captured the set number on the box! Working examples:

As you can see it’s even sufficient to capture only the number. Even if it is rotated. If there are two or more sets next to each other, the first number found starting from top left will taken.

Situations where it won’t work:

  1. Number is missing on photo or photo is too dark
  2. Resolution to weak / number is blurry / number is to small
  3. Too much numbers on one image. Focus on one number only.
  4. Fileformat is unknown. Accepted fileformats: jpg/png
  5. Set is unknown / not yet in database: rare problem but my occur

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