Monitor your value development

Since July 2020 it is possible to store the value of each calculation run in your account. This way you really now how your set values developed over time.

Simply run calculation several times. After the second run, the value archive will be enabled. Just use mybricks like before. Run calculation several times if collection changes or last calculation went outdated. You will then find the “open archive” button below calculation button.

Notice: we only track maximum of 50 values at the moment. So if you run it daily, you will access only the last 50 days in the past. So better run the calculation once in a month or bimonthly and this way you are going to look 50-100 months / 4-8 years in the past. So it’s up to you how to use it.

The following example shows how one user gains more and more sets and the value rises. But then since January 22nd 2020, the user did not add any new set but the overall value still rises!

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